Students under 18 years of age

The Department of Home Affairs must be satisfied that appropriate welfare arrangements are in place for under-18 students before a visa is granted. It is also required to maintain appropriate accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements for the period that the student will be under 18 years old while in Australia. Unable to maintain this requirement may result in the cancellation of a student visa. Students under 18 years of age (16 or 17 years old) can apply for our ELICOS and Vocational courses.

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Options for students under the age of 18 willing to study at South Sydney College (SSC).

Option 1:

Accommodation and welfare approved by the Department of Home Affairs (arranged by parents/legal guardian). 

The person eligible to be nominated to take responsibility for the student’s accommodation, welfare and support is identified as below:

1. A parent, spouse, de facto partner, brother, sister, step-parent, step-brother, step-sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, or a step-grandparent, step-aunt, step-uncle, step-niece or step-nephew and 

2. A person nominated by a parent of the applicant or a person who has custody of the applicant and 

3. Aged at least 21 and

4. Of good character, and show this by providing a police clearance from the counties in which they have lived for more than 12 months in the past 10 years after the age of 16 and 

5. An Australian citizen, permanent resident or be eligible to remain in Australia until the overseas student’s visa expires or the overseas student turn 18 years old – whichever happens first.


             a) SSC will not issue a CAAW letter when the eligible person nominated to take responsibility for the overseas student’s welfare as per the Migration Regulation 1994 is approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

             b)​ If you choose option 1 then you must provide the following documents/information for South Sydney College (SSC) record purposes.

1.Student Guardianship arrangements_Form 157N

Note: This will make a total 7 points in this section.



2. Personal Particulars for character assessment _ Online Form 80 (Of the Nominated Relative).

3. Certified copy of your birth certificate

4. Welfare Arrangements – Evidence of relationship to a nominated relative.

5. Welfare arrangements along with ID proof of the nominated relative.

6. Welfare arrangements – overseas penal clearance for a nominated relative.

7. Nominated relative- Character Requirements-Australian Federal Police (AFP), National Police Check (Complete Disclosure).

Option 2: 


Accommodation and welfare approved by South Sydney College (SSC)

SSC has approved welfare carer service and homestay providers. The student must have an arrangement with the approved welfare carer service and homestay providers. SSC will issue a ‘Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare’ letter (CAAW) which can be used for an application for a student visa. 

In the case where the under 18 years age overseas student wishes to arrive in Australia earlier than the commencement date on his/her CAAW, the student must be accompanied by a nominated guardian approved by the Department of Home Affairs.  If the underage overseas student is unaccompanied, SSC must agree to extend its period of approved care arrangements to cover the student from the date of his/her arrival or the student must not travel to Australia until the CAAW commencement date.

Step 1. Contact SSC Admission for welfare and accommodation services: 

Parents/guardians or nominated agents should contact SSC Admission team (, who will help you with the application of welfare and accommodation providers. The SSC approved welfare provider is: ISA Student Advocates ( and the Australian Homestay Network AHN, with whom we are partners:

Step 2. Setup and approval welfare and accommodation services: 

SSC Admission team will guide you to set up and approval of the accommodation and welfare services. 

Step 3. Issue CAAW:

When the approved accommodation and welfare arrangements are in place. SSC will issue a ‘Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare’ letter (CAAW) which can be used for an application for a student visa.

SSC Student Support team ( will be managing the accommodation and welfare arrangements for under 18’s during their study at SSC.

If you require further information about under 18 years age student’s welfare and accommodation or any other services, please contact our office:

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