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The whole process from applying to an overseas university to actually moving there, may seem very overwhelming not only for students, but also their families. To take the pain out the process, below are the 5 steps you need to follow if you have decided that Australia is where you want to study!


By now all your research has been done and you have decided which institution and course you will follow. Now is the time for you to apply. Generally speaking, institutions don’t set specific deadlines for international student applications, but it is best to apply as early as possible (at least two to three months in advance) so you have time to organise a visa, flights and accommodation. You can apply either directly to the institution or through an education agent.

Accept the offer

This is the best part of all, because it is the key for you to start your journey. Once receiving the offer letter, you need to accept it following the instructions which may differ according to each institution. In some cases, the offer may be conditional, which means you first have to meet the institutional requirements before accepting it, this could be language or pre-requisite education requirements.

Apply for student visa

Make sure you choose the right visa before applying. After deciding, gather all application forms and documents needed prior to submitting your application. You want to make sure that you have all you need so you can avoid delays. For tips on applying for an Australian visa have a read through our previous blog: https://www.ssc.edu.au/blog/the-5-best-tips-while-applying-for-an-australian-student-visa?fbclid=IwAR38jSXwIPs13UY_sIfBbbblvdyTRqF2A8Dfx-mwf9wbN5HS0NJMIHgfJ1A

Arrange your overseas student health cover (OSCH)

OSHC can be organised through your institution or you can organise it yourself with one of the various agencies. OSHC is a necessary requirement imposed on all international students (except those from Sweden and Norway) and must be maintained for the duration of your studies in Australia.

Organise your accommodation

As soon as your visa is granted, it’s time to arrange where you will be living during your studies. You can apply for accommodation at on-campus colleges and residences or independent student apartments from overseas, but do this as soon as possible because you might need to put your name on a waiting list.

Book your flight

This is the most exciting part, however allow yourself enough time to settle in before classes start and that your arrival date coordinates with any international student orientation sessions and your accommodation check-in date. Once your flight is booked, also book your airport pick-up if your institution/accommodation offers this service.

ALL DONE! Now it’s time for you to pack and it won’t be long before studying in Australia!

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