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How international students can find a job in Australia?

Working during studying overseas, will not only help support your everyday expenses, but will also allow you to expand your network and meet new people. However, finding a job in a foreign country sometimes seems daunting. Here are few tips on how international students can find a job in Australia.

1. Understand your rights and responsibilities

If you are on a student visa, you are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight or otherwise 20 hours per week. These limits apply during your course session and unlimited hours for when your course is not in session. Additionally, prior to start working in Australia, you’ll need to apply for a TFN (Tax File Number) which is for tax and superannuation purposes.

2. Network

During your studies in Australia try and network with many people as you can, these can include classmates, tutors, neighbors etc. Make sure you reach out to them during your job search process, because many jobs today are found through word of mouth. Also, by getting involved in career events by your university or college you will be able to discover new opportunities. Volunteer work and internships are a great place to start from. Don’t forget to even create a LinkedIn profile, to connect to potential employers!

3. Identify your unique selling points

International students may bring to the table skills which domestic students do not have. One of which is language skills, coming from a non-English speaking country you will automatically be bilingual. Also, others skills such as international working experience, knowledge in foreign markets etc., should be part of your resume.

4. Tailor your resume to each job

Do your research online and try to understand what the employer is looking for. This will help in writing your resume based on the job you will be applying for. Study the words and phrases that are used in the job description and make sure you include them in your resume (where relevant to your experience). Tailor your resume to each job and let the recruiter know you have all the skills they are looking for!

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