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Being new in a country is exciting, however sometimes it might be overwhelming. New places, different language and currency, will be slightly easier to manage with some help from mobile applications. We’ve put together the top 5 free apps for international students, so keep reading to find out more!

1. TripView

If your daily commute would mainly be public transport, then TripView would be the app to use. It allows you to view real time information about delays and cancellation of services. It is the most accurate travel app in Sydney and that’s why you will see everyone using it. Available for Android and iOS.

2. Google Translate

Whether you are still trying to improve your English or you are quite a good speaker, Google translate can help you when a phrase or word has slipped your mind. You can also use the photo translation function and even save your favourite translations. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Microsoft OneNote

While you are on the bus to college it would be easier to read your notes through your phone rather than a computer. This app will allow you to create notes and sync them across all your devices so you can have them handy anytime and anywhere. Available for Android and iOS.

4. Google Drive/Dropbox

You have always been told to never just save your documents in one place, so here comes Google Drive in handy, where you can save all your important files on the cloud. You can access them anytime and not be afraid of loosing them. You can also share your files with other people. Available for Android and iOS.

5. XE Currency

This app is great to download even before arriving to Australia. It allows you to convert currencies which makes it super easy to compare prices in Australia compared to those in your home country. Also, it would let you know when would be the best time to exchange your money and get the best rate. Available for Android and iOS.

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